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Andre Mullen

Over the last two decades as an artist manager, I have helped recording artists and labels gross $6,780,000 in new business, deals, publishing, and royalties.

Then, in 2021, I burned out.

So, I retreaded.

Now I run a boutique consulting firm for artist managers and creative entrepreneurs and create digital products for artist managers.

When I’m not consulting and building products, I am an active member of The Recording Academy, a mentor to other artist managers and artists, and a speaker at yearly music conferences such as Canadian Music Week and Daze Summit.

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Don’t take my word for it, see what folks are saying

"The Paradigm great advice rooted in results, not feelings!"

When I’m working with artists, I tend to wear multiple hats from producing, artist developing, and project managing. The Paradigm Shift, helps me stay within the lines and covers all my blind spots when it comes to dealing with artist and management. It’s great advice rooted in results, not feelings!

The Ring Music Group

"Honest insights from tested practitioner..."

Honest insights from tested practitioner with a diverse background. In the business. Good way to learn about the music business and what it takes to manage an artist brand.

J. Antoine -
Warner Music Group

"This is a daily go-to for me...and a must read for those who haven't encountered it yet!"

As a creative, with a self-development background, I find the paradigm shift newsletter to be a massive breath of fresh air currently documenting the shift in overall mindset in today’s culture. It is thoughtful, reflective, and informative, just like its author. This is a daily go-to for me, along with my coffee lol, and a must read for those who have not encountered it yet!

Hernst Bellevue
Founder, KMI Productions

"An excellent resource to remain on the cutting edge...for music labels & management teams..."

The Paradigm Shift newsletter has been an excellent resource to remain on the cutting edge of brand scaling concepts for music labels & management teams looking to further differentiate their artists from the crowd. By utilizing their consulting products, we have had the benefit of having an expert synthesize information for us to help us quickly integrate it into our strategy that would have otherwise taken much more time.

Equasta White
Founder, The Clarion Group

"Andre is the real deal"

I was honored to be asked to serve on a panel with Andre to discuss streaming music. Andre’s acumen, passion, and knowledge of the space were evident and well-expressed. Andre is the real deal and though we only spent an hour on a panel, I know anyone working with him is lucky to do so.

Kevin King
Business Development Manager, Chartmetric

"...this gives me an insight on the experience of another manager..."

My name is Hope and I manage a Hip-Hop/Afro beat artist. I like reading the newsletter, they give me an insight on the experience of another manager and I take in, on how to deal with artists and the challenges of the business, even though we all walk on a different path, at the end it’s the same hustle. I like the fact that it is under 5 min read. Keep them coming.

Hope Waknine -
Manager, Elevation Management


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