Playbook #004: The Algorithm Is Not Your Friend

It's Not the Algorithm

Author: Andre Mullen – 2 min Read Read time: 2 minutes 💡 Big Ideas: 1. The algorithm isn’t your enemy. 2. People consumed with algorithms are the same people who don’t post consistently. 3. The 3 ways to increase visibility on social platforms are to create high-quality content, post high-quality content consistently, and actively engage with […]

Playbook #003: The Power of the Newsletter

The Power of the Newsletter

Author: Andre Mullen – 2.5 min Read 💡 Big Ideas: 1. An email newsletter is the bridge for your client to connect to their true fans. 2. Every artist needs to have an email newsletter. 3. Newsletters cut through the noise of social media. 4. You can use your client’s newsletter to build excitement, offer value, […]

Playbook #002: The Mystery of Music Publishing

The Mystery of Music Publishing

Author: Andre Mullen 💡 Big Ideas: 1. Every artist manager should have a working knowledge of music publishing 2. Signing a publishing deal doesn’t guarantee song placement 3. Music publishing is about promotion and monetization 4. There are pros and cons in a music publishing deal “I made a big mistake with signing this publishing deal.” […]

Playbook #001: Simplicity as an Artist Manager

Simplicity as an Artist Manager

Author: Andre Mullen 💡 Big Ideas: 1. Artist managers need to embrace simplicity in their business approach. 2. In business, simplicity is the name of the game. 3. There are 3 tips to cultivate simplicity in artist management- outline goals and keep your list short, get a fix on your internal obstacles, and select a strategy […]

The Only Number that Matters on Spotify

The Only Number that Matters on Spotify

Author: Andre Mullen I use to think Spotify listeners were more important than any metric – even Spotify followers. I realized this was a mistake in the midst of planning benchmarks for an album release for an up-and-coming artist. I initially thought if we saw an increase in monthly listeners, it was a good indicator […]

Create a Website in 6 Minutes

Author: Andre Mullen It’s 2023 and having a personal website is an absolute must. So, why don’t you have one? Most people think it’s complicated, time-consuming, or just flat-out expensive. None of those things are true. So, I recorded a quick 6-minute video where I build a personal website from scratch, and it’s 100% FREE […]

My Business Tech Stack

Author: Andre Mullen Updated: 5/22/2023 I get a lot of questions about the tech stack I use, so I’m going to share it below. With that being said, here are my thoughts: use what you’re comfortable using or already know how to use. I can’t give you much better advice than that. Without further ado, […]

6 Ways to Start Your Manager’s Journey

Author: Andre Mullen Working as an artist manager, I have made many mistakes. I lost a lot of money. Here are 6 things you can focus on without making the mistakes I made: 1. Focus on organization Your clients aren’t organized nor do they want to be. They are focused on being creative. If you’re […]

Pain Point as the Ultimate Inspiration

Pain Point as the Ultimate Inspiration

Author: Andre Mullen pain point (noun):  a specific problem, issue, or difficulty that one experiences along their journey; usually used in reference to businesses and prospective customers. In 2021, I realized that I was burned out from working with artists. Over the last two decades as an artist manager, I had helped recording artists and […]