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Some of the most FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) I Get

Over the last 20 years, I have answered over 37,000 emails from 25,500+ people.

As much as I love meeting interesting new people, the sheer volume has made it impossible to provide 1:1 feedback or advice via email.

So, I stopped.

But, in an effort to be as helpful as possible, I’ve put together my answer to the most common questions I receive.

Are you still managing artists?

Currently, I do not have an artist management roster nor am I accepting management clients.

I do consult for artist managers and teams giving guidance, building revenue models and systems.

I am an artist. When do I need a manager?

I believe every artist needs a manager to help them elevate their career.

However, I don’t believe that just because you’re an artist that you need a manager when you are just starting out.

Here are 3 things to consider when considering management:

  1. Can your artist business support – financially and workload – an artist manager?
  2. What are you expectations from an artist manager?
  3. What exactly is artist management to you?

Answering those questions will ultimately lead you to what your thoughts are on artist management at your current place in your career.

Is being an artist manager hard?

As with any position in the music industry, there are some challenges. 

Artist managers tend to face more than usual challenges because they are tasked with the career of an artist. Whether that artist is up and coming or established, the work is fundamentally the same.

You talk about using systems and tools. Which are the right ones for me and my client?

Picking the “right” technology all depends on what stage you are at.

If you’re just getting started, choose low-cost (or free) technology or technology you already know how to use. Don’t over-invest until you are making money.

Validate your idea before you go out and buy a bunch of software to run your business.

If you’re interested in what tech I use, you can check out my full tech stack here.

Can you promote my artist client?

I don’t promote any artist manager’s clients. I’ll gladly show you how to develop and grow their fanbase and scale their business via my weekly newsletter. You can do so by signing up for my newsletter here. 


Can you help me promote my company?

I don’t promote companies with whom I don’t have a relationship with. If you’d like to promote your company via my newsletter, please feel free to submit your request here.

Can I use your newsletter/social content?

Yep. Anything on my website is free to share.

It would be nice if you could link back to the source if you choose to share it.

Will you be on my podcast?

I’m always open to talk about audience growth, systems, music publishing, and artist management. Just fill out the form here.

Will you speak at my event?

I’m definitely game! Please fill out the form here and let’s connect!

I wrote some content for your site. Will you use it?

No, I only share my content on my personal site.

Should I quit my job to become an artist manager?

I don’t know. If you’re not making much money as an artist manager as a side hustle, then probably not.

Work with an artist until you’ve replaced 60% to 70% of your salary, then consider going all in.

If you have 6-12 months’ worth of living expenses saved, then maybe you can go in earlier.

But, I’d recommend getting traction with that artist first.

What would you do if you were me (and here are my life details)?

I don’t know. Everyone’s life is so different. I would hate to give you advice that worked for me, only to find out that the same luck or privilege isn’t on your side.

Start by reading, “When to Jump“, by Mike Lewis.

Where can I find a mentor?

I don’t know. I haven’t had many mentors in my life.

The best way to find someone who can be helpful is to share what you’re working on in public, on social media, and attract interested people.

Talk about your trials and tribulations and make connections with people who can be helpful.

How do I become a better artist manager?

Read books on management and marketing like:

– The ONE Thing

– Principles

– The Business of Artist Management

They are a good start.

Also, subscribe to websites like Music Business Worldwide.

Will you read or review my artist management contract?

While I’m highly familiar with contracts, I’m not a lawyer nor can I offer legal advice.

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"Every newsletter is packed with helpful insight.."

I’ve been following Andre on Twitter for a while because of his informative threads on artist management & artist development – when he announced his newsletter, I knew it’d be amazing. Every newsletter is packed with helpful insights into how artists and their teams can build a real business from their music.

Megh Vakharia CEO, Symphony OS

"Honest insights from tested practitioner..."

Honest insights from tested practitioner with a diverse background. In the business. Good way to learn about the music business and what it takes to manage an artist brand.

J. Antoine - Warner Music

"Andre has a fantastic vision...I love collaborating with him and you will too..."

Andre has a fantastic vision and he is totally committed to helping artists and artist managers succeed. I love collaborating with him and you will too.

Ariel Hyatt
Founder, CyberPR

"Andre's is an esteemed professional..."

Andre is an esteemed professional, with his tenure in the creative space providing amazing insight into the evolution of mind and all things creativity.

Hernst Bellevue Founder, KMI Productions

"Andre is a breath of fresh air for today's music industry..."

Andre is a breath of fresh air for today’s music industry. When working with him closely in the music licensing space, he displayed a high level of knowledge and business practice that left me with fulfillment.

Andre attributes the necessary understanding of every facet of the music licensing sector that allows each artist in his catalog to be at the forefront of placement opportunities. He posses an amazing Synch ear and a high level of understand when it come to copyright ownership, publishing and music Administration. It was/is an honor to work with him.

Jarred Causly
Senior Music Supervisor, Saatchi & Saatchi

"Andre's acumen, passion, and knowledge of the music industry is clear..."

I was honored to be asked to serve on a panel with Andre Mullen in discussion around streaming music. Andre’s acumen, passion and knowledge of the space was clear on and well expressed. The lead up to the conference was highly professional and super well organized by Andre and his team.

Kevin King - Business Development, Chartmetric