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"Every newsletter is packed with helpful insight.."

I’ve been following Andre on Twitter for a while because of his informative threads on artist management & artist development – when he announced his newsletter, I knew it’d be amazing. Every newsletter is packed with helpful insights into how artists and their teams can build a real business from their music.

Megh Vakharia
CEO, Symphony OS

"The Paradigm Shift is insightful, informative, and full of tangible advice..."

Andre’s newsletter is insightful, informative, and full of tangible advice that those in the music industry can take to help grow their careers.

Michael Epstein
Director of Digital Marketing, Cinematic Music Group

"Andre's has unparalleled perspective and vast expertise in the music industry..."

Andre’s unparalleled perspective and vast expertise in the music industry are brilliantly showcased in his weekly newsletter. “The Paradigm Shift” is an essential resource for every artist manager and individual involved in the music industry. With its swift yet precise format, it delivers a wealth of valuable insights and information that cannot be missed.

Patrick Middleton
Music Producer & Live Show Designer

"Andre's insights have been invaluable."

I’m a tech founder working in the space and Andre’s insights have been invaluable. Definitely tune in!

Jordan Rivera
CEO of Booster

"...the best thing about the Paradigm Shift is the personal touch..."

The newsletter gives a lot of professional prospective as well and strategic ideas to further my music business. The best thing about the Paradigm Shift newsletter is the personal touch to it, you can tell it comes from the heart with no bias self absorbed information or inference.

DJ Chase
Founder, DJ Chase Publishing LLC

"Andre has given so much insight into...attaining goals..."

This newsletter has given so much insight into the logistics of actually attaining the goals set up on my marketing plan and more! The best part is how it’s broken down in a way to fully understand! Thank you so much for putting this newsletter together!

Recording Artist


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