Playbook #004: The Algorithm Is Not Your Friend

Author: Andre Mullen - 2 min Read

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💡 Big Ideas:

1. The algorithm isn’t your enemy.

2. People consumed with algorithms are the same people who don’t post consistently.

3. The 3 ways to increase visibility on social platforms are to create high-quality content, post high-quality content consistently, and actively engage with their audience.

“The day we were freed from the algorithm.”

“There has to be a way to beat the algorithm!”

I would think this every time my client shared their data about one of their social media posts.

Whether it was on Instagram or Twitter at the time, I always found myself frustrated at the algorithm changing so my client was getting little to no visibility on content posted.

Then, one day, I sat down with my client and created a content schedule. The schedule included 30 days of posting behind-the-scenes videos about his music and plans for an upcoming tour. At the end of every 4 or 5 videos, he would make a simple statement along with a call to action:

“If you’d like me to come to your city, tag your city and the person who would come with you.”

He posted the videos consistently, every day, twice a day, simultaneously. He even posted on days where there is typically no traction.

Then, on one of those days, the post went viral.

And I learned it had nothing to do with the algorithm.

"The algorithm isn't your enemy. Learn and understand it."

The algorithm isn’t your client’s enemy. It isn’t their friend or ally either.

Taking time to learn and understand the algorithm is very important.

How many times have you seen people post about their discontent regarding their content not being seen because of the algorithm?

People consumed with the algorithm are the same people who don’t post content consistently.

Consistent posting enables your client to learn and understand the variations of a social media platform. Failure to do so creates a feeling and misconception the algorithm doesn’t work.

Social media algorithms are mechanisms that control the presentation and order of content for users.

Here are 3 ways to increase your client’s online visibility on social media platforms:

1. Create high-quality content

2. Post high-quality content consistently

3. Active engagement with their audience

Having your client focus on these steps will take the focus off of whether or not the algorithm is performing properly.

Step #1. Create high-quality content

Everyone always says, “Make good content”. What does that mean in practice?

The algorithm determines “good content” as a post that keeps your audience on the platform longer.

For example, empower your content with a prompt or question in the caption as opposed to just making a statement. A portion of your client’s audience will stop and take the time to respond.

From the algorithm’s perspective, this makes your client’s post a successful piece of content.

This is also important in building trust with your client’s audience to ultimately de-platform them to their email newsletter, website, etc.

Your client’s interaction with their audience and building relationships provides a great experience – one that can lead to cultivating fans.

Step #2. Post high-quality content consistently

This is where your client and most artists fall short.

Many write-ups and platforms encourage artists to understand the best time to post.

Why appease the algorithm when your client can feed the algorithm? To accomplish this, your client needs to post content consistently.

Consistently” posting content is posting the same way for a long time.

Posting consistently “keeps the engine hot” for your client and positions them for consistent engagement with their audience.

This prevents them from having to prime their audience about a release after being inconsistent on socials for an extended period.

#3. Active engagement with their audience

Your client’s engagement plays a crucial role in the workings of social media algorithms.

Simply put, the higher your client’s engagement, the more likely a post will be distributed to other users.

Encouraging your client to foster active engagement with their audience is easy. This can be done by:

1. responding to comments

2. starting discussions

3. encouraging followers to interact with the posts

Your client should focus on interacting with new profiles, as the algorithm will think they’re ‘friends’ or have related interests. As a result, the algorithm will start serving the content.

Here’s the play…

The problem your client and most artists face about the algorithm deals with their inconsistency and lack of engagement.

Here’s how you can ensure your client can use the algorithm to work for them:

1. Content showcasing unreleased music – “Should I release this?”: Your client’s audience will always be drawn to their music. Unreleased music from your client with an engaging CTA (i.e. “Should I release this?”) can create virality.

2. Create a content calendar to ensure consistency: There is both power and freedom in “Plan the work. Work the plan.” Creating a content calendar will give your client the freedom to create intentionally.

3. Plan times for engagement: Your client should plan times to engage with their audience. Not only will it build a rapport with their audience, but it will also create intentionality around what they share.

Forget about the algorithm.

Build your client’s audience through consistent and engaging content.

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