Pain Point as the Ultimate Inspiration

Author: Andre Mullen

pain point (noun):  a specific problem, issue, or difficulty that one experiences along their journey; usually used in reference to businesses and prospective customers.

In 2021, I realized that I was burned out from working with artists.

Over the last two decades as an artist manager, I had helped recording artists and labels gross millions of dollars in new business, deals, publishing, and royalties.

And yet, I felt used, depleted, and to some extent, abused.

So, I decided to leave the music industry because honestly, as an artist manager, I hated working with artists.

However, before I could, I talked with friends and colleagues and discovered that despite all I had done, I had a pain point.

My pain point: I had all the tools, but no process of building out my artist management business.

I used that pain point to begin to build out roadmaps and processes that artist managers and their clients would benefit from. That belief fueled my desire to help artists managers help artists.

So, I started building the Paradigm brand in 2023.

I am devoted to being “the management administrator” that I needed then for artist managers now.

Be honest with yourself and think about what is your pain point – the issue that you experience – that stops you from doing that which you are passionate about. 

And that’s it.

I hope you find issues like this helpful. I’ve realized that outside of the strategic and tactical elements of managing and building personal and client careers, one of things that fuels change is being inspired to change.

So I hope to do more of that in 2023.

Go be great!

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