TPS #012: 4 Game Changing Ways to Unleash the Power of Your Client’s Story

Author: Andre Mullen - 3 min Read

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In today’s newsletter, I want to talk about the 4 game changing ways to use your client’s story to captivate and grow their audience.

In an earlier edition of my newsletter, I spoke about killing the traditional bio. What deepens the connection with an artist’s audience is sharing their backstory. You can read Death to the Bio here.

Your client’s story is one that only they can tell because they lived it. They have a first-person perspective on the events that have led them to become a creative. That position makes them an authority in their own right about their own life.

Telling their story is a competitive advantage. There’s no cheat code for it.

You can use your client’s story to effectively grow an audience into fans coupled with the 4 rules of content:

  1. educate the audience

  2. entertain the audience

  3. make the audience think

  4. empathize with the audience

Music is a great medium to embrace one or all of these content rules. We’ll look at each of them, complete with some examples of great content.

Now, let’s dive in.

"Telling their story is a competitive advantage. There’s no cheat code for it."

Educate the Audience:

One of the easiest ways for your client to engage and interact with their followers is by showing them how to do something.

When teaching your audience how to do something, it pays to be as simple in your approach as possible. This helps the reader both understand what you’re explaining and that your client really knows what they’re talking about.

An artist that really connects with his audience is LaRussell. As an independent artist, he has pulled back the curtain on how he’s used music to build his audience through trial and error.

Entertain the Audience:

Your client already has this covered if they are releasing music.

However, artists can also present an additional layer of entertainment that truly represents who they are.

Oftentimes, artists tend to take themselves too seriously. They may make good music, but how many artists believe that they make good music?

This is about setting your client apart.

If you learn anything from this issue, it’s that education and entertainment rolled into one (i.e. “edutainment”) is the most powerful combination in content.

Someone who is entertaining is Derek Minor.

While I may not agree with everything that he tweets -that’s sort of the point – he entertains his audience.

Here’s one of my favorite examples:

Challenge the Audience:

Outside of teaching and education, there is philosophical and thought-provoking content that we all know and love.

It’s not meant to teach or entertain. However, it should leave your client’s audience with the reaction, “wow, I’ve never thought of it like that before…” or “woah, what a great way to describe that…”

The artist who, in my opinion, do this very well are people like Lecrae.

Here is one of my favorite examples of philosophical or thoughtful content from him that really made me stop and think:

Empathize with the Audience:

Content that is high on empathy does well.

Content that reaches your client’s audience and says, “I understand what you’re going through” or, “you’re not alone in that experience”.

Empathetic content draws your client’s audience and listeners in closer and further humanizes your client.

I recently connected with artist pat junior and he’s nailed empathy by showing that he really understands the trials of his followers – many of whom are creatives.

Hope all this helps.

See you next week.


4 types of content that builds a following:

  1. The person that teaches me

  2. The person that entertains me

  3. The person that makes me think

  4. The person that understands me

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