TPS #017: How a 4 Step Framework Generated $151,377 in Less than 2 Weeks

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In this newsletter, I want to give you a 4 step framework for artist business development that I used to generate $151,377 for my client as well as acquire 3,458 additional email subscribers in less than 2 weeks.

This system will make the release of your content seamless as well as generate revenue.

As a result, your client will grow their audience, turning them into fans, as well as creating a sustainable artist business.

Applying this framework to your client’s overall content creation – including music – lets you and your client focus on the thing that matters the most – your story and artist brand.

Every idea to execution would be consistent with who the artist is and how they ultimately want the music to be received.

This work isn’t important to artists and managers who are still trying to understand their brand.

However, if you’re reading this, then you care about the work.

"Plan the work. Work the plan."

There is a 4-step format that all great artist business development needs and follows:

1. Idea
2. Strategy
3. Creation
4. Execution

This framework is designed to give your client a plan to work instead of always working to plan.

Here’s the framework:

Each step of this framework builds on the previous step, making this framework ideal for bringing projects across the finish line, meeting expectations, and achieving goals.

As a result, time is saved by working the plan and money is generated by becoming resourceful in getting things done.

I worked with “Romero”, an R&B artist. With his upcoming release, he wanted to give an exclusive “capsule bundle” that included custom merch, a vinyl version of the album, and a VIP ticket to his album release concert. This was the first time he was planning to do something like this.

In less than 2 weeks, we generated $151,377 in capsule bundle sales as well acquiring 3,458 additional email subscribers.

Here’s how step by step

Step #1: The Idea

The idea is literally the concept of and the cradle of this framework. The idea is made up of “The Five W’s”:

WHO is it for
WHAT is it for
WHY embrace it
WHEN will it be released
WHERE will it be released

Here’s the framework:

When it comes to ideas, we often go “down rabbit holes” and tangents, leaving projects incomplete and without resolution. This framework gives direction, structure, and a resolution to the idea.

Here’s the breakdown for Romero’s capsule bundle:

The Idea step of this framework reinforced Romero’s reason and confidence in creating the capsule bundle for his fans.

Step #2: The Strategy

The strategy is The HOW. It defines how the idea will be implemented. This could involve steps needing to be completed and/or taken to the performance of a singular action.

Here’s the framework:

Strategy is important because it gives a clear roadmap of how the work will be done. The strategy helps prioritize (and not prioritize) things that are important to get the ball in the end zone.

Here’s the strategy breakdown for Romero’s capsule bundle:

The Strategy step of this framework helped Romero realize a clear direction for how the capsule bundle was going to be released.

Step #3: The Creation(s)

Creating all of the pieces within and surrounding the idea and supporting the strategy is a crucial part of this framework.

Creation can take several forms – audio, visual, graphic, and editorial – with the same intent and motive.

Here’s the framework:

Ultimately, whatever is created should align with the goals and expectations set in the Idea and Strategy steps of this framework.

Here’s the creation(s) for Romero’s capsule bundle:

The Creation step of this framework was a little lengthy with reworks in order to make sure branding was consistent across platforms.

Overall, the brand message was clearly conveyed about the excitement surrounding Romero’s capsule bundle.

Step #4: The Execution

In the final step of the framework, we see the coming together of the Idea, Strategy, and Creation.

Execution isn’t always flawless. In fact, many campaign executions have their share of hiccups. However, the goal is to have as few hiccups as possible.

Here’s the framework:

Marketing executions are interdependent on each other. When done right, they connect to one another.

Here’s the execution for Romero’s capsule bundle:

The Execution step of this framework was exciting because this was the first time that Romero was doing something on this scale before.

The Results…

We released a pre-sale of Romero’s capsule bundle 2 weeks before the release of his album, “Memoirs”.

The capsule bundle contained an embroidered robe, candle, and bath salts, the vinyl edition of “Memoirs” with 3 bonus songs, and a VIP ticket to his release party.

We used video teasers, behind the scenes of previous performances, and a special video teaser with Romero wearing the embroidered robe, to draw organic traffic to sign up for his newsletter.

The results are below:

Previous newsletter subscribers: 5,232
Additional newsletter subscribers added during this campaign: 3,458
New newsletter subscriber total: 8,656
Total percentage increase: ~65%

The increase in organic adds to his newsletter helped to propel pre-sales of the capsule bundle.

All of his capsule bundle sales were derived from his warm market found in his email newsletter.

Total pre-sale orders: 435
Average pre-sale amount: $347
Total pre-sale revenue: $151,377

A 4 step framework for artist business development includes an:
1. Idea
2. Strategy
3. Creation
4. Execution

Hope this helps.
See you next week.

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