TPS #037: Time to Change the Narrative

Author: Andre Mullen - 2 min Read

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💡 Big Ideas:

1. There are 4 focal points to changing the narrative in artist management – focus on growth, on systems, on sustainability, and on mental and physical health.

2. Artists managers have traditionally been looked at as thieves and opportunists who don’t know the business looking for a payday.

3. The new narrative of the artist manager is part CFO, part CEO, part analyst, and part therapist.

4. Ultimately, changing the management narrative begins with artist managers.

Time to Change the Management Narrative…

In today’s newsletter, I want to give you 4 focal points to changing the narrative in artist management so you can manage smarter.

Artists managers have traditionally been looked at as thieves who don’t know the business, opportunists only concerned with using an artist as a big payday, and/or undisciplined

This definitely doesn’t speak to those who champion for their clients and have successful careers. This does, however, speak to those in artist management whom may have taken shortcuts only to find they are very expensive financially and in regards to one’s reputation.

You as an artist manager can help to write a new story for your artist client.

There are too many artist managers who won’t do the work because it requires work.

And that is exactly why it’s time to change the narrative.

“The new narrative of the artist manager is part CEO, part CFO, part analyst, and part therapist.”

I believe artist managers – you and I – have to change the narrative.

In order to do so, change begins with us.

The story we tell ourselves – and allow others to tell – about our roles and responsibilities defines the way we think, the way we act, and the way we react about artist management.

We have to manage smarter.

As artist managers, we have an inner narrative that consists of the following:

• our past experience – personally and professionally
• how we view our present – our current work
• how we envision our future – where we want to be

I know for myself, this inner narrative played a significant role in how I viewed my personal and business relationship with my clients, leading me down paths of thought that were just facts, not truth.

Artist managers need to focus on 4 areas to change the management narrative:

1. Growth

2. Systems

3. Sustainability

4. Mental and physical health

When you focus on changing your inner narrative as an artist manager, you will begin to create a narrative that will change you and your client for the better.

Let’s look at each area in detail:

#1: Focus on growth

From leaning into negative – and even traumatic – past experiences as a child to bad past business dealings as an artist manager, these events can shape your inner narrative and hinder your growth.

Growth is necessary in changing the management narrative and managing smarter.

Your own personal growth directly impacts the growth of your client and their business.

When you focus on growth it means you realize you can do more and be better, and, as a result, create more health, success, prosperity, and abundance.

Examples of growth are making a learning a priority and goal setting – both of which are key components in building yours and your client’s business.

#2: Focus on systems

Systems are necessary in establishing the management narrative.

Without a system, organizing, managing, and scaling yours and your client’s business is impossible. Your inner narrative can steer you away from the use of systems as you reflect on failed endeavors.

Understanding and using systems allows you to predict the future by making changes that set you on the right paths.

Systems take the guess work out of the work, empowering you to manage smarter.

The systems you put in place in yours and your client’s business today, will be the systems that pay you consistently and constantly over the long run.

#3: Focus on sustainability

Sustainability is the measure in which your artist client’s business is able to earn revenue or get a return on investments which cover all expenses and generates a profit.

Sustainability is essential in the management narrative.

Sustainability should be every manager’s goal for their client. The inner narrative embraced by artist and artist managers alike is pretty straight forward: The top tier artists (”superstars”) make money and all other artists are trying to get the “golden ticket” by any means necessary. This includes accepting and taking one-sided and predatory deals.

Most artist’s don’t understand how to really make a living from their art. Your role and responsibility is make sustainability a reality for their business.

Your client’s financial sustainability directly affects your financial sustainability.

In other words, if your client doesn’t eat, neither do you.

#4: Focus on your mental and physical health

For decades, the role of artist manager was looked at as the person who makes “it” happen for their clients “at all costs”: losing sleep, losing money, acting as therapist, etc. All of this in pursuit of “stardom”.

Past experiences, stories, and education have shaped the inner narrative we all have to include giving up yourself for the sake of your client. This can directly compromise your mental and physical health.

Your mental and physical health indirectly and directly affect your client. When they are compromised, any and everything from bad decisions, miscommunication, and wrong thinking can lead to missed opportunities, strained relationships, and loss of money.

There are a number of ways in which you can focus on your mental and physical health:

1. regular exercise

2. eating healthier

3. make sleep a priority

4. set goals and priorities

5. set boundaries

6. connect with people inside of the industry to whom you are accountable

7. connect with people outside of the industry with whom you can decompress

Making your mental and physical health a priority is making YOU a priority.

Changing the management narrative requires taking an honest look at your inner narrative and challenging it.

You can do it.

I’m rooting for you.

Hope all this helps.

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